The Director of Field Services will be responsible for managing the end-to-end OneTrack hardware ecosystem, ultimately building out a team to ensure our customers are supported at the highest levels, focusing on hardware implementation. This is a hands-on role with a high frequency of face-to-face client interaction. As such, you must be willing and able to speak on behalf of OneTrack and in a professional manner at all times. The role will be the go-to resource for all questions and projects related to hardware at OneTrack.


  • Plan, coordinate and execute hardware deployments at warehouses within North America.
  • Acting as the primary arbiter of and responsible party for the successful installation and ongoing maintenance of OneTrack hardware at customer sites. The ideal candidate should be comfortable traveling on-site to customer facilities to perform installations/repairs, and eventually hiring and managing a team of installation technicians.
  • Management of OneTracks relationships with manufacturers, shipping entities, assembly partners, and partner technicians in order to ensure we maintain our shipment/install schedule and drive 100% delivery and installation in accordance with agreed-upon dates with the customer(s).
  • Working cross-functionally with both the OneTrack Sales and Customer Success organizations to maintain a clear pipeline of needs for future customers, while also supporting existing customers and their hardware needs.


  • Within 1 Month: You will be traveling onsite to OneTrack customer facilities for up to 60% of your time, familiarizing yourself with OneTrack hardware and also the nuances of planning, installing, auditing, and maintaining OneTrack hardware within a warehouse environment.
  • Within 3 Months: You will be planning out the OneTrack maintenance/audit program and beginning to plan what the OneTrack technician network/deployment services team will look like.
  • Within 6 Months: You will have a fully operational field deployment services team, supporting all OneTrack client hardware needs (planning, deployment, installation, maintenance).


  • Ability to work well under pressure, maintain a professional positive demeanor, and creatively address challenges while supervising teams of technicians in the field.
  • Licensed & certified Electrician
  • Basic computer skills (Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Project Management Tools)
  • Excited and ready to travel for the majority of the time.
  • A history of employment in 2 or more of the below areas:
    • Commercial Electrical Engineering
    • Construction Project Management
    • Field Deployment Services
    • SaaS Project Management/Customer Support
  • Demonstrated experience managing and overseeing large-scale projects and working directly with customers on-premise.
  • An understanding of and experience working with ERP systems for inventory control, manufacturing planning, and asset management.
  • A history of working cross-functionally within an organization with the ultimate goal of servicing the customers’ hardware needs.
  • Highly organized and systematic with superb attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to manage teams of technicians.

Who We Are:

We are a diverse group of passionate, tech-savvy individuals with a goal of bringing the modern warehousing industry into the 21st century. Through leveraging the powers of machine learning and computer vision, we’ve been able to take great strides in improving warehouse safety and productivity, and are looking to add to our team as we continue to pursue this vision. We are passionate about our work but also passionate about our lives outside of it. As such, we are looking for passionate individuals that are able to contribute positively to both our organization's goals and our internal culture.